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"What started as an idea, became a dream that turned into reality..."

Meet the creators

Grunge Wood

We are Deyauna & Donella, the owners and creators of

Yaunella Organics.


Let's get one thing clear……Healthy Skin Care is extremely important to us!


We are two best friends that strive to be healthy in all aspects of life. Our ultimate goal with starting Yaunella Organics was to create products for our community that are much less harmful and hazardous to the skin. We were able to formulate wholesome total body care products that are fully healthy and organic. Our products  include enriched vitamins and a significant boost of nutrients. We have done a substantial amount of research to come up with a formula to create the ultimate cure for all skin types. Sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, and even normal skin are all ideal for our products.


Finally! Soft luminous skin can be achieved without using dangerous chemicals that can be detrimental to your skin over time. Although we are a small business, our products are 100% certified organic. Yaunella Organics products are handmade with inspiration, love, prayer and patience. 


You too can have flawless skin! We humbly thank you for shopping and supporting Yaunella Organics, and furthermore for trusting us to provide you with amazing skincare products.

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